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Boğaziçi Restaurant & Cafe Bar

Bogazici restaurant offers delicious international food with fantastic sea views and sun sets in Fethiye. Our friendly staff always welcomes you professionally.Every hour of the day you can findRead more Read More

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La Casa Di Mamma Restaurant

Restaurant La Casa Di Mamma maintains Italian and Mexican cuisines. You can find all kinds of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, especially at breakfast serving to you with fantasticRead more Read More

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The Palms Restaurant Calis

The Palms Restaurant is a place by the sea coast of the Mediterranean at Calis Beach. The moment you enter the door The Palms attracts you with its friendlyRead more Read More

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Delta Hotel

Hotel Delta is a small luxury, stylish hotel, situated on Calış Beach, with panaromic views of Fethiye Bay. Hotel Delta offers the highest standard of accommodation and excellentRead more Read More

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Golden Moon Hotel

The Golden Moon Hotel is located in Calis Fethiye. Golden Moon Hotel has 31 guestrooms, all including a private bathroom with WC, shower and hair dryer, telephone, TV,Read more Read More

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Kaya Village Art Camp

The art camp at the Kaya Village is located in a grassed garden with various plants and trees. The daily activities are carried out at the campsite andRead more Read More

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Scarlett Bar

Scarlett Bar is the most attractive, alive and kicking place in Fethiye, Çalış. Certain days of a week Scarlett Bar organizes russian dance group and salsa dance show, whenRead more Read More

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Maya Cafe

Maya Cafe is located in Fethiye Çalış beach where the sunset view is magneficant. Maya Cafe offers more than 20 kinds of coffee from traditional Turkish coffee to espresso-basedRead more Read More

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Cadde Cafe

Bora Golbasi; the third winner competitor of “O Ses Türkiye” ( Turkey’s Idol ), is on stage for 5 days a week. (except sunday – monday) Cadde Restaurant &Read more Read More

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Sun City Beach Club

Sun City Beach Club is located at the end of the Oludeniz, Blue Lagoon and nested with history and nature.  There is an ancient church and a priests houseRead more Read More

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Sugar Beach Club Oludeniz

Come and take in the wonderfully chilled out atmosphere of Sugar beach bar restaurant with its colorful and unique décor. At the Sugar Beach Club you can enjoy anRead more Read More

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Papillon Outlet

Papillon outlet has been opened in December 2010. Papillon is selling premium trademark products belong to Boyner Group with a discount of %30 to %70. This small boutique sellsRead more Read More

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Kanat Boutique

A featured shop called Kanat (meaning Wing) with its extraordinary designs of clothing. The only shop in Fethiye with the brands “Angels  Never Die” and “Caraclan” for women whoRead more Read More

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Fors Leather

Fors Leather offers you a guaranteed service and high quality products renewed each year. Collection of leather clothes, bags and accessories that preferred by world-renowned brands and designers, areRead more Read More

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Jeep Safari

It is a wonderful chance for those wishing to enjoy the astounding panorama of the region. The tours of jeep safari provide the opportunity to get covered with dustRead more Read More

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Name of the Book: 101 THINGS YOU MUST DO IN TURKEY BEFORE YOU DIE ( p/82) Author: AKDOĞAN ÖZKAN Published by: İNKILAP KITABEVİ Translator: Ekin Duru Date published: 2008Read more Read More

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Wind Surfing – Kite

The Surfing Centre at the Çalış Beach, at a distance of 10 km. to the city centre is an ideal location for those wishing to be trained in thisRead more Read More

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